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Sailing passenger and recreational/ pleasure craft with certification through the NBKB!

Commercial shipping

In the commercial shipping industry, you are always under certification. Service Maritime can help you with that.

commercial sailing

With over 35 years of experience in commercial sailing and cargo shipping, I am Rob Peetoom your partner in certification of your vessel.

recreational boating

Since 2019, certification has become mandatory for a specific group of ships in recreational boating.

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Service Maritiem - ROB PEETOOM

My name is Rob Peetoom and I am an independent expert on mast & rigging inspections in the sailing industry. I can help you with mast & rigging inspections. As an associated mandated expert by ILenT, I work together with the NBKB. I also do inspections relating to hull and safety of pleasure craft in inland shipping. Thickness measurement of the hull and safety inspections, looking for practical solutions that comply with the law.

Our expertise

With over 30 years of experience in maritime and inland shipping and now working as an expert, I am happy to help you with inspections of your vessel and, if necessary, certification.

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Make sure your certification is up to date and get your vessel inspected in time, because too late already means re-certification with major modifications to your vessel.

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Log in to Knowledge Base and get the 2021 Inventory List. A handy tool you can benefit from.

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Cost inspection

If you want to know the cost of an inspection on board, please check further under rates.

Mast and rigging

In commercial shipping, the requirement is for mast and rigging to be inspected every 2.5 years. Every 5 years, the mast (wood and steel) must be presented ashore for inspection. Upon approval of the inspection, the ship is issued a proof of rigging that is legally valid.

As a mast & rigging inspector, I am affiliated to the NBKB with which I work and from which a Certificate of Rigging comes.

Due to the suspension of the NBKB, which was lifted on 15 February, causing a backlog of inspections within the NBKB, no inspections relating to the issue of Proof of Rigging are currently taking place.

If you have any doubts or if your certificate is due to expire soon, please feel free to contact me.

Hull inspection

With a steel vessel, the first step is always to tap the vessel to discover any weak or suspicious spots.

Also on the inside, the state of the ship is examined as closely as possible. Namely corrosion… This almost always comes from inside.

After that, the thickness of the steel or iron is measured with an ultrasonic measuring instrument

Gas approval for residential and pleasure craft

Sad but true, accidents involving gas on board pleasure boats continue to cause casualties. explosion, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning cause casualties, sometimes fatal, every year.

Het is dan ook van belang dat uw Gasinstallaties veilig is en op een deugdelijke wijze aangelegd is en zodoende gekeurd wordt.


Send a message and share your experience with others. I really appreciate how you feel about the expertise.

It was good to have met you and I will be happy to recommend you in the future. All best wishes
Service Maritiem expertise
may 2024
Rob is echt een hele kundige inspecteur die echt denkt in oplossingen. Super fijn om mee samen te werken!
Service Maritiem expertise
Rianne B
april 2020
Heb een tjalk gekocht onder toezicht van Rob en heb tijdens de inspectie erg veel geleerd van hem. Super blij mee.
Service Maritiem expertise
Joop v D
Dankzij de expertise van Rob zijn we er achter gekomen dat onze mast van binnen uit aan het wegrotten was. Dit heeft ons een hoop ellende bespaard.
Service Maritiem expertise
Maria van Dijk
may 2024
Service Maritime. Because your ship is worth it!
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