Gas inspection for more safety

Is your gas system gas tight?

Sad but true, there are still casualties resulting from accidents involving gas on board pleasure boats. In the process, explosion, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning cause casualties, sometimes fatal, every year. However, this often occurs due to ignorance or negligence.

Nothing like this will happen to me

It is wise to have your gas installation inspected every three years to avoid this. Although more and more boat owners do this, there is also a large group of water sports enthusiasts who think this will not happen to me. Unfortunately, practice proves otherwise with sometimes very sad consequences. So take a moment to take the trouble. It is important that your gas installations are safe and properly installed. As a result, the installation can be properly inspected.

Have your gas installation inspected by an approved company.

The gas inspection on board your boat is carried out according to the strict guidelines of the Hiswa and ESTRIN. Several issues are addressed during the gas inspection.
For example:

If your installation conforms to the above points, you can get the Hiswa certificate gas-safe or a certificate for your CBB/ CVO. You will then receive one copy. One copy will also be sent to the HISWA who will process it in their records.

If your vessel is CBB/ CVO certified, you can have your gas declaration added to the certificate by us.

Gascertificaat en verzekering

Some insurance policies have a clause that the insurance company will not pay out in case of a gas accident if a valid gas certificate is not present. All the more reason to keep your installation up to date.

Gas installations and marinas

Moreover, it is increasingly common for the marina where your vessel has your home port to demand a declaration of safe gas installation. The marina also benefits from ensuring that everything is safe in the harbour.

We do not carry out marine gas inspections, but we can, if required, pressurise your installation to see whether there are any leaks. You will then receive a statement for this, going through important points for safety reasons.

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