Mast en tuigage inspectie voor zeilschepen


In commercial sailing, it is mandatory that the mast and rigging be inspected and thus certified every 2.5 years. Upon approval of the inspection, the vessel is issued a Rigging Certificate which is a mandatory certificate on board.


This is not yet the case for pleasure craft, but ships carrying 12 passengers or less are advised to have their rigging inspected. After approval, they too will receive a Proof of Rigging.

I have over 25 years of experience with masts and their rigging on board professional sailing vessels, having worked with them as a skipper but also having carried out extensive inspections on various ships.

Feel free to get in touch and experience my expertise.

If you run into a situation you are unsure what to do, feel free to contact me.

Wooden mast/ spar inspection

Besides visually checking both your mast and fellow booms, jib boom, gaff, etc., I can carry out a thorough inspection. I apply various techniques. For example, it is possible to measure the humidity of your spars if necessary, or I can even use a resitograph to exclude rottenness in the mast. After a thorough inspection, you will receive a detailed report stating the condition of your rigging, spar and/or mast.

Steel mast/ spar inspection

A steel mast is also subject to the elements of weather and of course it will also need to be maintained. By properly inspecting and maintaining the mast, it will last for a long time. However, it is wise to have your mast thoroughly inspected from time to time. Using an ultrasonic thickness gauge, we check the plate thickness of the mast during the inspection.

Aluminium mast and boom inspection

A product that is becoming established in sailing passenger vessels (brown fleet) but has been present on large and small yachts for many years. Aluminium is a product that can also be subject to different elements of weather and sailing behaviour. (Think different elongation and tensile stresses). With this product too, it is important to inspect for such things as hairline cracks and weakening.

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